One wallet for your cash & cryptocurrency

HiWallet Digital Asset is a safe and secure blockchain wallet made to simplify sending and receiving digital payments with the world.

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Welcome to the HiWallet

We’re being called the killer crypto app: the missing link to mass adoption that’s solving the last mile for consumers and the new crypto economy. The talented team behind HiWallet is calling on everyone to join us and support real transformation of money and commerce as we know it.

We support the cryptocurrency community

We’re eliminating complex user experiences and minimizing the steep learning curves associated with cryptocurrency.

Enhanced security features like multi-factor authentication, social recovery, and private key management protect from insolvency.

There will always be someone on the other end of your support request working diligently to solve your issues. Phone, email and video chat.

Due to the use of large computing power and artificial based on the neural network, the NRM assistant will instantly analyze user data and offer solutions for their further use.

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How it Works

Reinventing the way you manage money!

HiWallet Digital Asset Digital Asset combines currencies and digital assets into one app for a seamless financial experience.

Send money to anyone instantly

Send cash or crypto to anyone, anywhere, anytime in 1 second

Buy and sell

Connect your bank or debit cards to buy Bitcoin or sell and cash out

Store assets and track balances

Securely manage your assets and track multiple portfolios in one place.

How To BUY

Token Sale

1. Send ethereum to the smart contact 0x2C6a9A29a5594456DD99f74ff4689D84c57F204C
- Min invest 0.01 ETH
- gwei 10
- gas limit 100000
always check https://ethgasstation.info before transaction
2. Send the desired ethereum nominal and in accordance with ico.
3. Just waiting for a successful transaction and the token will automatically enter your wallet

Round 1 (Live) Round 1 (Live)

1 ETH = 50000000

0,1 ETH or more get 10%,

0,5 ETH or more get 25%,

1 ETH or more get 50%

Round IIRound II

1 ETH = 50000000

0,5 ETH or more get 15%

1 ETH or more get 35%

Round IIIRound III

1 ETH = 50000000

No Bonus

Round IVRound IV

1 ETH = 30000000

No Bonus

  • Token Name

    HiWallet Digital Asset
  • Symbol

  • Decimal

  • Smart Contract

  • Total Supply

Token Details

Token Distribution


  • Legal & Compliance

  • Marketing & Operations

  • Engineering & Design

  • 10%

    Costumer Support

  • 5%



  • Token Distribution

  • Masternode Community

  • 13%

    Team Advisor

  • 7%


HiWallet Roadmap

Track Our Progress

Q1 2018

Concept Development

Smart Contract

Selfdrp & Airdrop

Q2 2018

Multi-exchange Portfolio Tracking

Ditribution Airdrop

Q1 2019

Multi-exchange Portfolio Tracking

Decentralized Exchange

Q2 2019

Rule-based Investing

Fiat Onramp


Our Target Exchange

Our Team

member img

Alan Mun

Interaction, interface, and strategy design.
member img

Chris Nicholas

Operations & Admin
The tormentor of your tormentor. Blockchain flag waver..
member img

Joyce Lu

Visual Design
Creative problem solver. Digital Nomad.
member img

Lucas Ding

Community Moderator
Entrepreneur and blockchain fanatic.
member img

Mun Choy Phoon

Lead Designer
Specializes web/mobile apps & interactive prototypes.
member img

Vanessa tang

Marketing Manager
Marketing, communications & digital strategy entrepreneur.


The HiWallet App Presenting an open source mobile wallet developed for iOS and Android phones that can hold any cryptocurrency across any public blockchain while you maintain full control of your private keys.
A peer-to-peer payment system that removes copy/paste methods and slow block times and relies on your device contacts, @usernames, email address or phone numbers, even if the recipient doesn’t have the HiWallet app or a crypto wallet.
Instantly swap any asset for any asset without a complex trading experience at minimal fees. Track transactions or market performance of your assets stored on other platforms.

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies. HiWallet will provide a trusted and secure bridge between the fiat money and cryptocurrency environments -- FINRA/MSB regulated and KYC/AML compliant.

Source Liquidity from Multiple Exchanges and Networks. The HiWallet Masternode network automatically finds the best rates for users who wish to trade any cryptocurrency trading pair, with no hidden fees or restrictions..

Public and Private Cryptocurrency Exchange. HiWallet's second layer protocol powers an off-chain trading ledger, allowing users to privately and atomically swap cryptocurrencies..

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